Father - Daughter Outing
Bulldog Canyon
11-2 & 11-3-2001

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Dad, Mandy Jo, Mallory, and Rebecca headed for Bulldog Canyon near Saguaro Lake on Friday night.  We spent the night there with Joe Free and his two daughters, Melinda and Amanda.  Joe had the movie Shrek playing on his DVD laptop computer, then we had a campfire and cooked some hot chocolate.  Mal fell asleep in the tent with her hot chocolate in her hand and I scared the willies out of Becca and Mandy Jo (well mostly Becca) with the story about 'The Green Monkey".. and also stumbled through the poem "The Cremation of Sam McGee" which Mandy Jo really liked.  Amanda's 12, Mallory's 11, and Becca's 7.  Big sister Rachel (16) was off on a date with a boy named Jody who asked her to the Homecoming dance at Mountain View HS. Bryce was at the same dance, asked by some gal I've never heard of before.  In the morning I took the girls and Amanda Free on a 4WD tour for a couple of hours, then came back and got the rappelling equipment belonging to Gary Smithson set up in preparation for the rest of the ward's arrival at 1pm.  The turnout was great and the girls had a great time.  We headed home after rappelling until dark.  Joe Free took all the pictures with his digital still camera.  I downloaded them from his server where more are posted in small and large format. Thanks Joe !

Bulldog Cliff
Bulldog Cliff with Greg on top and Chandra Fehlman heading down - the cliff's about 65 feet high.
Mandy Jo showing how it's done.
Mandy Jo & Dad watching from above - boy she's brave.
Mallory and Dad coming down together.
Thats Becca peeking.  She rappelled later like a champ !
About 20% of the folks that rappelled that day
Mandy Jo and her friend Melissa heading over the edge
3 tiny girls hiking alone on a 40 foot cliff.  Can you tell no Moms were around ?
Becca and friends eating S'mores that night before heading home