Porter Family Mexico Trip
Spring Break 2001

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In March of 2001 we stayed several days about 13 miles past Rocky Point in the Miramar subdivision in house number 54, which is right on the beach. Dan Shreeve and David Farnsworth and their families were also in a house close by.  We just had fun hanging out on the beach and Dad did some day and night scuba diving from Miramar Trailer Park (different place) in Rocky Point.

Before the trip the kids tested the boat in the pool
Here's house from the street, with the porch and beach on the opposite side.
View of the house from the water at low tide.  It looks like a cat we called the Cat House.
Mandy Jo and closer view of the house
Becca's afraid she'll drown by herself in the boat.
Poor Bryce.  One guy and all these girls.  Amy came with us.
Master cook. This was on the porch, it also had a full kitchen.
Lisa in the boat
Mandy Jo and her Alpine Butterfly knot. Great job.
Mandy Jo and Dad
End of the trip.  Tired but happy.