Lisa & Greg's San Diego Trip - April 2001

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4-20 (Friday) thru 4-22-01
San Diego was great fun:
- Plane ride Friday morning, left at 9:40 after getting the kids to school.  Arrived at 11:00.
- rented nice Buick Regal w/ leather seats

- Ate lunch at In-n-Out burger on Sports Arena blvd
- 1 - 5 pm  Scuba'd off the 'Lois Ann' with Captain Woody to 102 feet on the sunk warship Yukon in 50 degree water, 2nd dive to 75 feet in the Kelp Forest off Point Loma (7 Fathoms location) - really pretty, lots of fish & rocky canyons. $50 two tank dive, $5 for Steel 95, $12 36% O2.  The P-valve surgical tubing apparently disconnected during the 2nd dive and when I opened the bolt on the suit at 70ft got a shot of cold water down the leg.  Yee Haw. Closed the bolt real quick and decided I'd use the shore facilities later on.

- Lisa enjoyed riding on the scuba boat- her favorite part was watching 2 divers get seasick and throw up off the sides of the boat rather than do the 2nd dive... sorry, no picture of that....
- Ate Mexican food at El Torito in La Jolla that night
- Walked around the grounds of the San Diego temple. We just happened to stumble onto the temple looking for El Torito.  Next trip we want to do a session there.  (sorry - not much of a picture... took it from the car)

- Stayed at The Beach Cottages on the boardwalk at Pacific Beach.  Actually stayed on the 3rd floor of the hotel above the cottages in room 306.  Great view of the boardwalk and ocean.

- Rained and blew all Friday night - pretty cold outside in the 50's.
- 'Greg delivered' and we had breakfast burritos and fried potatoes Saturday morning in the room - really good.  Got 'em at a breakfast place along the boardwalk at Crystal Pier about 2 blocks North.
- It rained and was cold all morning so we enjoyed driving down PCH south and looking at the Warships, then got on 5 and drove 10 minutes to Chula Vista, hooked a right and headed back up North up Silver Strand to Coronado Island.  The rain quit on the way.
- Saw big homes on Coronado
- Drove over the Coronado bridge and Lisa wouldn't look out her side.
- Walked through the shops at Seaport Village for 2 hours - they were having a Hot Sauce taste-fest.  Noted when leaving there was more village south-ward.
- Walked around Horton Plaza for 2 hours and Lisa made me buy new tennis shoes at Mervyns, then she wasn't as embarrassed to be seen with me.  I got some Easter chocolate on sale at Godiva's - took a while to figure out the best deal. :-)  Pretty good but still too expensive.  Lisa had lunch at "Super Fries" - they were good.
- Stumbled onto a good spot to watch planes land on a hilltop at Grape and 3rd near a large Magnolia tree by a parking lot.
- Toured the Star of India sailboat anchored in the harbor, also the Maritime museum in the Ferryboat next door as well as the small steamboat tied to the ferryboat. All for the price of 1 ticket ($6) All excellent. Lisa especially liked the sailboat tour. 2 hrs there. (ran out of film trying to get a pic of the Star of India.... shucks)

- Ate dinner next door at Anthony's fish grotto.  We sat at a window looking out on the water, Lisa had a salad with chicken in it - I had swordfish and a shrimp cocktail.  It was very good.
- We drove to some surf shops just North across the street from the roller coaster in Pacific Beach and Lisa bought an embroidered sweater.
- Headed back to the hotel, then walked the boardwalk North for half a block and I bought a Pacific Beach baseball cap in a small surf shop.
- Got up at 5:30 Sunday morning, jumped in the car, got on a packed full airplane at 7:30 and got to the house in Mesa about 9:30 in time to shower and get to church with the family.  The house hadn't burned down and no kids were dead so all in all it was a great trip