Robert Franklin McBride
January 4, 1875 - February 10, 1918 (Age 43)
My Great Grandfather (Gregory S Porter)

As of this point, in April of 2016, the material shared here is over 100 years old and has never been viewed by the majority of Robert Franklin McBride's descendants. With the miracle of the internet it is now available to all. For those outside the family, it is an opportunity to glimpse the foundation of hard work, integrity, faith and service that earned him the respect of others, both then and now. For Frank McBride's descendants, this is a treasure without price, a way for us to know him better and love him more.

Materials Provided by Connie Huber
(Great Granddaughter of R.F. McBride)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Southwestern States Mission

November 1901 - March 1904
Texas Area

Missionary Cards
1901 Missionary Journal
1902 Missionary Journal
1903 Missionary Journal
1903-04 Missionary Journal (Jul-Jan)
1904 Missionary Journal
1901-1903 Daily Missionary Reports
1903-1904 Daily Missionary Reports
Scripture References & Quotes

Non-Mission Materials

1884 Journal of Frank McBride's, age 9
Notes from friends to Frank McBride before his mission
Miscellaneous Letters, Certificates and Notes of Frank McBride's
Notebook Entries by Frank & Clara McBride

Connie Huber Mesa, AZ
Gregory S Porter
Mesa, AZ