Ernest M Johnson
Central States Mission
Missouri Conference
February 1924 - June 1926

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Pictures held by the Johnson Family
Pictures from Elder Jack's album
Pictures from Elder Nelson's album
Picture from Elder Porter's album
Picture from Elder Westover's album
Pictures provided by Greg Porter


Journal Feb 1924 to March 1925
<Missing Journal> March 1925 to Sept 1925
Journal Sept 1925 to June 1926

Weekly Reports

Reports February 1924 to May 1925
Reports May 1925 to June 1926

Life History Extract

Brief Extract regarding the Mission years

The Johnson family data above was provided by Ray and Joelle (Johnson) Slaugh during a visit to their home in Bellevue, Washington on August 12, 2008. I had contacted Joelle in my search for descendents of missionary acquaintances of my grandfather, Glen H Porter, who is pictured with Ernest in the photo above. The group photo was taken in St Louis Missouri on March 22, 1925 in front of the LDS church at 5195 Maple Avenue. The church is a registered and protected historic site that is still in use today by another religion. All quarterly meetings for the Missouri Conference of missionaries were held in this building. Many visiting apostles taught the missionaries in this building at their quarterly conferences, including James E Talmage. This was also the building where Ernest attended church each week while assigned to proselyte in the St Louis area. Ernest is in the 2nd standing row from the front, on the far left. He has his hand on my grandfather's shoulder, who is standing in front of him. Though they never were companions, they apparently shared a friendship.

Hopefully this electronic record of Elder Johnson's mission experience will be helpful for his posterity.

Best regards,
Greg Porter
1936 E Hope St
Mesa, Arizona 85203