Josephine Phillips (McBride)
  Born 8 Jun 1912
  Married 18 Aug 1932

Darvil McBride
  Born 28 Dec 1908

David Dee Phillips
  Born 5 jan 1882
    Kaysville, Davis, Ut
  Married 30 Dec 1903
    Thatcher, Graham, Az
  Died 1 Dec 1941
    Thatcher, Az
  Buried 4 Dec 1941
    Thatcher, Az
    Edward Charles Phillips (AFN:19M8-98)
    Selena Layton (AFN:1HQ4-CR)

Eliza Arnetta Jones
  Born 2 Oct 1882
    Heber, Wasatch, Ut
  Died 31 Jul 1964
    Thatcher, Az
  Buried 3 Aug 1964
    Thatcher, Az
    John William Jones (AFN:2RXC-3K)
    Josephine Cluff (AFN:24JC-MR)

David Dee Phillips
  Born 30 Sep 1904
    Thatcher, Az
    Lillian - non member didn't love Dee's family- waitress at Sam's Seafood in Huntington Beach for years - a seamstress too.
  Died 5 Sep 1950
    Norwalk, Ca
  Buried 9 Sep 1950
   bus driver - no children- loved kids- had massive heart attack - ruptured aorta - good person but never had self discipline- smoker & drank in the mornings.

Elmo Phillips
  Born 6 Apr 1906
    Thatcher, Az
  Died 4 May 1906

Edward Virgil Phillips
  Born 20 Nov 1907
    Thatcher, Az
  Married 17 Nov 1928
    Versa Toots McEuen
  Died 30 Jul 1978
    Salt Lake City, Ut
  Buried 2 Aug 1978
    SLC City Cemetery, SLC, Ut
Children (In age order):
- Virginia
- Eddie
- Vicky (married well, delightful family, then he turned gay and left. She supported herself and sent sons on missions - stayed close to the church)
- Dave Phillips about Greg's age  former Bishop, Wife Kay, Starr is his youngest son. Girl soccer player, married about a year, 2 older boys served missions, home, married and have 1 and 2 children. One is Elliott and his wife, Camille, her parents, Bishop Michael Barclay and his wife, Susan, are from Manti, Utah.
- Pamela (2 husbands)
- Priscilla (married Iranian, went to Iran, now they live in SLC happily, he's not a member) & Paul (twins but Paul died early)

Eleanor Eliza Phillips
  Born 11 Nov 1909
    Thatcher, Az
  Died 4 Apr 1986
    Safford, Az
  Married 19 Jul 1931
    Walter Scott Merrill
     Civil Engineer - died
      Children Susanne Peterson& Marilyn Lindner
     Then married Mr Vale Spekt, who took all Scott's money & eventually left her - got divorced. At one point she had him put in jail for being drunk.
  Buried 8 Apr 1986
    Safford, Az

Rodney Kimball Phillips
  Born 5 Aug 1915
    Thatcher, Az
  Married 2 Mar 1936
    Janice Smith (AFN: 3P06-9W)
  Died 26 Oct 1992
    Safford, Az
  Buried 29 Oct 1992
    Thatcher, Az