Porter Historical Documents
These items were photographed at Reg & Effie's home November 15-16, 2007


       Glen Porter Mission Pictures
       Santa Ana Photographs
       #1  #2 Pedigree Charts
Electronic Monkey Derby Game at Reg's 2007
       Misc images

Maude's Documents

      Address Books

           Santa Ana
           1928 March thru May prior to marriage in June
           1929-1933 5 year Diary faithfully kept 29-32 with entries out to '36
           1931 & 1935 Single Page Will Rogers death
           1963 Single Summary Page
           1969 Single Page - 'Flash of the morning sun' entry
           1964 Single Page - "Oh beautiful Morning" entry
           1953 March entries - Trip to Phoenix with Pop, Glen, Maude, Kay, Reg
           1969 Single Page - Vinnie's birthday
           1971 Typed Pages - Utah Genealogy Trip
           1973 March thru May - Glen's health decline, Az Temple, Travel Trailer
           1973 Maude's notes of Glen's memories written on paper bag at his bedside
           1973 Maude's note following Glen's death.
           1971 June camping with Glen at Alpine
           1973 Single Summary Page
           1973 Single page from October
           1973 Sep 2 multipage entry. Reg family visit, reflections on being alone.
           1972 Single page camping at Point of Pines in July
           1976 entries from spiral notebook
           1943-1945 miscellaneous journal pages (10 in all)
           Maude - Life Story
Vinnie - Life Story
Stanly Marshall remembrance documents
Little Blossom - the depressing poem.
Heritage House of Antiques program July 20-22, 1983
           Maude's Santa Ana PTA Booklet - 1952 (6 pages)

Glen's Documents

           1938 1 year diary book faithfully kept. Mainly notes on Big Ranch labors,
                     but also includes notes in Aug on Monkey Derby game development
                     and includes some January 1953 entries.
           1953-1956 4 year journal
1919-1920 Address Book made from a Dry Goods Booklet
Obituary Write up of Glen's Funeral Program
           Rough Draft notes of Maude's for Glen's Life History
           Paystubs and related items from Santa Ana
           Pop Porter Funeral Program
           Rebecca Claridge - Sailing to America & Marraige to Samuel
Samuel Claridge Journal of 1877-78 Mission to England
           Patent - Monkey Derby game

Porter Documents - General

      Letters and Postmarked Envelopes
           Spring 1941 - (Also see:  Kay Interview & Chronological  typed format.
           Fall 1941
           Summer 1952
"East Long Beach Stake" Directory 1952
           Announcement - Jim & Sally marriage announcement 1956