The Personal Histories
Darvil Burns McBride & Josephine Phillips McBride

The Father and Mother of Darvil David (Mac) McBride, Jon Robert McBride and Sally Josephine McBride Porter Butterfield

Transcribed by Darvil David (Mac) McBride. March, 2005  < >
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Table of Contents

1.    Keep Your Powder Dry
2.    Josephine Phillips McBride--Preliminary History  
3.    (Darvil)  Memories of My Mother
4.    (Darvil)  My Dad--A Person, Husband, Father and Lawman
5.    (Josephine)  Memories of My Mother
6.    (Josephine)  My Dad--David "Dave" Phillips; Husband and Friend
7.    (Darvil)  School Days
8.    (Josephine)  School Days
9.    (Darvil)  Fun, Hobbies and Pastimes
10.  (Josephine)  Fun, Hobbies, and Pastimes
11.  (Darvil)  Chores and Jobs During My Youth
12.  (Josephine)  Chores and Jobs During My Youth
13.  Some of My Pets Besides Jo    
14.  Some of My Pets Besides Darvil
15.  My Wife To Be 
16.  My Husband To Be
17.  Our Wedding and Honeymoon
18.  Our Three Children
19.  (Darvil) Together in Flagstaff
20.  (Josephine)  Together in Flagstaff
21.  Places We Lived, College Graduation, Teaching and Children
22.  New in California--Employment Businesses and Homes
23.  (Josephine) Employment after Marriage
24.  Back in Arizona
25.  Our Teenagers-- In Thatcher
26.  Eight Years in The Arizona State Senate 
27.  The Presidents of the United States and Me
28.  The Second Sojourn in California    
29.  (Darvil)  Illnesses and Near Disasters
30.  (Josephine)  Illnesses and Near Disasters
31.  (Darvil)  Embarrassments--Sad and Funny
32.  (Josephine) Embarrassments--Sad and Funny
33.  Memorable Vacations and Travel
34.  (Darvil)  Service in the Church
35.  (Josephine)  Service in the Church
36.  (Darvil)  Spiritual Experiences
37.  Our Testimonies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 

38.  Tributes to Josephine and Darvil
39.  Our Patriarchal Blessings
40.  Our Move from California to Mesa, Arizona
41.  Darvil's Passing and Funeral
42.  Josephine's Passing and Funeral

Darvil and Josephine--Other Histories Related to Them

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