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The Personal Histories


Darvil Burns McBride & Josephine Phillips McBride




Iíve enjoyed all my church callings. Though they havenít been too varied, their have been many. Most have been with music and teaching children. Darling Edna Lee Brimhall, the Thatcher Ward Chorister had refined my older sister Eleanor into a fine organist. When Eleanor left, she arranged for me to be called to the position. She said she would help me, and she certainly did. I was only a fourteen-year-old. I still have a book of prelude music she bought for me that I still fall back on, and I treasure to this day. It is full of wonderful music, and I donít believe I could live without it.


In the Thatcher Ward Sunday School, I was called to be the assistant teacher with Manuela Tanner for the five-year-olds. Manuela constantly treated me with sweetness and kindness through instruction and example.  In turn, we both benefited immensely from Sister Joseph Reed. She had a degree in primary education and had taught kindergarten for several years. In addition, she had served on the Church General Sunday School Board in Salt Lake City.


In 1935, after marriage and Darvilís college graduation, we moved from Flagstaff to Solomonville. During our seven year stay in that ward, I served in the primary presidency and helped with the primary music. In the mutual improvement association (the M.I.A, known now as the Young Women) I served as a teacher, a chorister and as a pianist. Also I served as pianist or chorister in sacrament meetings and Sunday school.  From time to time I was called upon to give lessons to the youth on directing music.


In 1942, we moved to Southern California. While living in Balboa, Newport Beach, and Westminster, we attended the Huntington Beach Branch. I served as the primary pianist, and as an M.I.A. presidency counselor. Later, we moved to Wilmington where we attended the Wilmington Ward. There, I was called as the Pianist in the relief society and then in the primary. 


We returned from California to live in Thatcher and Safford (in Safford for just a year) from 1949 until 1961.  During those years, I served in the Thatcher Ward as the pianist in the relief society, then, in the M.I.A. as the bee hive teacher. In the Saint Joseph Stake, I served as the pianist and then as the lark advisor. In the stake M.I.A., I served as the music advisor. The year we lived in the Layton Ward in Safford, as well as participating with the singing mothers, I held the position of sacrament meeting pianist and in turn as the pianist in the Sunday School, Primary and the M.I.A..


In 1961, we again moved to California to live in Pasadena and for a while in San Marino. We actually lived in three different wards during that time, and I served, at one time or another, as pianist in relief society or Sunday School. Also, I served as a member of the Pasadena Stake Relief Society Board. In the Pasadena Ward, the last ward we were members of before moving from the area, I served for years and years as the primary pianist. I Loved the calling, but I was frustrated for inability to remember the words to all of the new, wonderful hymns coming out, that I really needed to learn.


In 1985, we moved to Newport Beach into the Corona Del Mar Ward, I became the relief society pianist for seven years.  Also, I acted as the main substitute in primary and in wherever else the need arose.  After being released as the Relief Society pianist three years ago, Iíve remained the chief substitute for all of the auxiliaries as the need arises. They called Darvil and I to be the co-representatives of church publications. It was just too much for me, so I turned my half of the job over to Darvil. He has done a marvelous work with it. He doesnít share the fact out loud too much, but to me it seems Iíve still helped him a little bit. More recently, we both were called to serve on the staff of the Orange Stake Family History Center. But, that turned out to be just a bit too much for this old girl, so she begged out of that. Darvil has faithfully continued though, and heís much appreciated there.

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