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The Personal Histories


Darvil Burns McBride & Josephine Phillips McBride




The treasure that we often refer to as testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is with out doubt the greatest legacy that we can leave to our posterity: a knowledge of the truth found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Not that we wish to boast or impress, nor do we in any way discount the strength of the testimony of others, but to leave the whole as a legacy to loved ones who follow. And we hope our history, contained also in this volume, bears witness of what we claim, for we, with word of honor, bare solemn witness of the following:


Through modern and ancient scripture, through revelation and inspiration of prophets we know that God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are real, separate and living celestial beings after whose image we have been created. We know also that the Holy ghost is a real and living Personage, who if He chose to show himself would appear as a man—as would the Father and the Son. We believe also that Christ is the Cornerstone of this church, that through Him prophets are still called, and that even today a living prophet leads and guides this, his people.


 We believe the original Church as organized by the Savior, fell into disbelief after the death of Christ’s apostles. Thus the Priesthood, the authority given man to act in the Lords name upon the earth was taken away, ushering in the Dark Ages, making it necessary for a restoration of authority in these latter days. We know that through the faith of and instrumentality of the Prophet Joseph Smith, such has occurred. Ancient prophets, apostles and the Savior Himself amply prophesied the demise of the Church, and also its restoration. Though this truth is clearly confirmed by the scriptures, and it is daily taught by our authorities, each of us, to know, must undertake the search ourselves. 


What an obligation rests upon our shoulders since we know, without a doubt, that the previous statements are absolutely true. Therefore we can not; no! we dare not deny it, and are driven to express it to others.


Likewise  we stand obligated to express the following:


Although we have chosen to bear our testimonies as a team, and have been support to one another, we each, in our own time and way, have arrived at our religious conclusions on our own, and feel that we have had no dependence “on the arm of flesh,” against which the Savior has warned.


For years now we have expressed this fact to each other: that we do not recall that a certain time ever arrived in our lives when first we “started to believe” or “to have a testimony.” ‘If such a time did occur, it was at our mother’s knees. And we know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is just something, that has always been and to which we truly belong. It gives one a feeling of being enveloped and lovingly surrounded by goodness and truth.


Through our humble way, giving no heed to sacrifice, we have striven to teach our children the truth and the importance of honoring it, and pray that such in turn will bless the lives of their children. Though hardly claiming perfection, we feel warmed by the degree of success the exemplary lives of our extended family represent. We look upon them with pride. They are testimony in themselves. What peace of mind that reality brings, reminding all that “peace of mind” is the core of true happiness and comes to one through the observance of eternal and true principles with obedience to those principles. Principles unknown to and not expounded by the preachers-at-large of so-called Christian religions.

Sometimes our lives are harried by the question of what are the rules by which we should live? Again the answer is, “search and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given, knock and it will be opened,” all an admonition to search it out on your own. God is just—He has provided the information—make the effort! Now we end out testimony by quoting from the 76th section of The Doctrine and Covenants beginning with verse 22:


“And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of Him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him that He lives! For we saw him!”


Though we have not seen Him personally, but believe Joseph Smith to be a Prophet of God, we sense we know him, and boldly bear the same testimony: That He lives!


To these things we jointly testify with love and hope for every individual of our posterity.

With deep affection,


Darvil Burns McBride

Josephine “Phillips” McBride


Your Parents and Grandparents, be we few or many generations in the past.

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