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1st photo,Leonard, Floyd & Darvil
2nd phot,o Floyd & Darvil

 Darvil,Coolidge Dam & his 2nd year Jr. College, on Championship team
Darvil, principal, of  the Solomonville, Elementary
Jo and Virigil in Tom Thumb's Bride.
See Dee? -- sneeked into foto (in bushes

(Jo), Josephine Phillips, about 6 years old Jo Phillips, about 16, member of a dance class. 2nd from R.
Jo's 1st house, until 17. The big,  fun Union Canal,  runs along left side The home Jo's family, at 17 yrs,  moved into-- next door to Darvil
Josephine Phillips McBride & Sally Josephine McBride Bck:Glady, Darvil, Ruthy. Frnt: ------->
Up.Rt.-Sally Jo, Darvil, Jo, Mac, Jon 
Floyd, Frankie, Bruce, Clara, with Orlando's foto and Frank's portrait Mac,Darvil, Jo,Jon &Sally, Jo
Jo at ?       | Jo, abt 35 yrs
Jo in front of rental on Balboa Blv on the Balboa Penisula, in Balboa, CA
Arizona State Senator, Darvil B. McBride, 1960-68
Jo, Senator's wife, kitchen, their Phoenix apartment|Darvil & Fenton Taylor 16 yrs
Jo and Darvil in Villa house, Pasadena, about 1973
Jo and Darvil Where|Darvil, Mt Graham age?