Mount Graham

On July 9, 1988 a special event took place to honor Peter H. McBride, and commemorate his role in the development of the area on Mount Graham known as Peter's Flat. Sponsored by the Graham County Historical Society, in cooperation with the United States Forest Service, a historical marker was erected near the remnants of the log cabin built more than a century ago. Inscription on a plaque summarizes historical facts about Peter and his contribution to the area.

The widely publicized event was held on the site located thirty five miles south of Safford, Arizona in the Coronado National Forest at 9000 feet elevation.

The dedicatory program of songs and speeches attended by about three hundred of Peter's descendants, gave praise to Grandfather McBride for his accomplishments; recalling his career as freight hauler, farmer, road builder, musician and spiritual giant.

The planning committee, chaired by Jeanette Mullenaux, planned and carried out the activities of the day. Following are members of the committee: Leonard McBride, Della Beals, Frankie Farr, Dale McBride, Louise Kraut, Clay Larson, Keith McBride, Dorothy Howard.

                 The Dedicatory Program

Master of Ceremonies: Dale McBride
Greetings: Dale McBride
Invocation: Kathleen Crockett
Posting of Colors: Scouts directed by Kevin Kraut
Pledge of Allegiance: Bruce L. McBride
Talk: Spencer Brinkerhoff: President of Graham County Historical Society
Skit: (children's group) Directed by Della Beals
Ladies' song: Grandpa's Descendants: "The Cutest Spot on Earth"
Talk: Life Sketch of Peter: by Clyde Wallace McBride
Unveiling and dedication of monument: Darvil Burns McBride
Men's song: Grandpa's Descendants: "Freighter's Song"

The dedicatory remarks by Darvil McBride, a grandson, described Peter McBride as, "of that breed that conquered mountains; a pioneer, never satisfied with the ordinary - a Paul Bunion of his time; his determination to pursue a goal, as broad as the blade of the axe that fabled woodsman carried." With fitting words the speaker appealed to the Almighty to, "protect and preserve this monument, the very masonry; the stone and cement that binds it - the bronze of the plaque, the words of praise chiseled thereon, and the beauty of nature that surrounds it."

The erection and dedication of this marker, positioned beside the road which passes through Peter's Flat, a location which has since become a favorite spot for recreation and enjoyment, is indicative of the high esteem in which Peter McBride is held by the citizenry of the Gila Valley and Graham County.

Inscription on the marker at Peter's Flat


The name was derived from Scottish-born Peter McBride Sr., an early Gila Valley settler. McBride worked as a logger and on the flume which carried lumber down Ash Canyon to the valley. While working on the mountain he discovered the productive potential of this area for growing potatoes. He cultivated three different patches in these meadows. Potatoes were stored in long trenches near here. They were covered with ferns and soil until used or     transported to the valley.

Cooperative placement by McBride family
Graham County Historical Society, and
Coronado National Forest.
July - 1988

Following the program of dedication a picnic lunch was enjoyed in the luscious meadow among the lofty pines of Peter's Flat. The hundreds who had assembled there, both old and young, feasted and reminisced in a grand family reunion. Reluctant to leave the scene of pristine beauty which had been part of the life of our illustrious progenitor, one could not escape the feeling that Peter himself looked on with approval.

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