Second wife of Heber Robert McBride

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Elizabeth Boyd Gould was born May 27, 1857, in New York City to Scottish immigrant parents Robert and Annie (Simpson) Gould. They crossed the plains with the Homer Duncan company in 1861, eventually settling in Eden valley. When Annie and her two infants died in 1869, Elizabeth was left to care for three young brothers and a sisters. Her father remarried a few months later and it was not long before Elizabeth had to find homes for the little boys for the new mother was very cruel to them. Elizabeth and her sister, Mary, found work outside the home.

In about 1878, Elizabeth became a polygamist wife of a Constable Brown in Ogden. It was not a happy marriage and she left with her infant daughter, Elnora. Again she earned a living by taking in sewing and baking - skills she had learned from a former employer.

In 1884 Elizabeth became the second wife of Heber Robert McBride. It was not long before she had to leave that household for fear of her husband's arrest after the Edmunds-Tucker Act of 1887 came into effect. In the interim she bore Heber's daughter, Mary Evalee. When Heber's first wife died, Elizabeth returned to the home with her own two little girls, to care for the large family; and before many more years four more McBride children were born to her.

With eight children the McBride family moved to Welling, Alberta, Canada in 1904. Elizabeth had to be frugal, with such a large family and not much money. She sewed all the clothing for the family and sewed wedding clothes for other people, insisted on a large garden and a front yard with a white fence and flowers. She was president of the Relief Society for a number of years.

When she was widowed in 1925, she sold the farm and moved her home into Raymond and kept a beautiful yard that was admired by the whole community. She passed away March 25, 1940, at Welling.

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