Porter Family Cruise & Disneyland Trip

January 2002

A quick summary - no flashy web stuff here.... :-)
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This page will take a while to develop - but here's a slow start.... I wanted to get the following pictures out quickly for those that helped us so much.

First off our thanks to Phalla Soeur , her sister Lina , Mike Bondra , and Scott Cushnie   who put so much time and effort into getting us into Disneyland for FREE.... wow, we still can't believe it. Thanks so much.  Mike  and Phalla's sister met us at Disneyland on Friday to help us get in.  Then Phalla, her sister, and Scott  met us there on Saturday to get us in again.  What great folks. Phalla even came back Saturday afternoon and spent the rest of the evening in the park with us.... well, especially with Rebecca, her biggest fan.  Here are a few pictures with Phalla,  , and one for Phalla of the girls with her good friend who was dressed as Donald Duck that day .

Well, much more to come.  Over 3 hours of digital video to edit and more than 640 digital still images.  The stills have been through a first cut down to 352, but obviously much work to be done.  Until I can put more time into them, the still images aren't in much of an order, but can be seen here.