Affordable GPS Tracking
$3.50 per month, $150 components & installation, or $100 for a portable system
Greg Porter, Mesa, Arizona.


  This system is very cost effective and with it you can track the location of any vehicle (or a child if you stick it in their backpack or pocket) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

With today's technology I figured there must be a cost effective alternative to the expensive GPS tracking systems that cost $299 for the GPS unit, $100 for installation, and $19.95 a month for monitoring fees. I was right and now I use this system on all 5 of my family's personal vehicles at a recurring cost of only $3.50 per month.

System Features

  • No Contracts required. You pay month to month and cancel anytime.

  • All components, installation, and 3 months of monitoring fees = $150 (or just $100 if you only want a portable system that is not hard wired into the vehicle. It is the size of a cell phone.)

  • Monitoring fees after the first 3 months  = $3.50 per month (cancel any time)

  • That's it. Simple, effective, and affordable.

Here are some screenshots of what the map tracking image will look like;

Every dot is a transmitted location. If you click on a dot the time, speed and location information is displayed.

Since it's Google Maps, you can select to see a hybrid satellite view, like this one below;

You can also zoom in using the slider scale on the left part of the map, like below;

Or zoom in even further;

Below is what it looks like when the vehicle is parked. A dot is sent every minute. The red dot is the last location sent, (the current location of the vehicle) The blue lines just show which dot was the previous location to the next dot ( the car didn't really drive through all those houses under the blue line);

 I live in Mesa, Arizona and will perform local installations within 20 miles. Contact me for quotes if you are outside this area.

Also note that there is also a more advanced map tracking option available that is very detailed and includes features such as Geofencing (you get a text message when the vehicle leaves a geographic boundary you select). The more advanced map tracking option is an additional $8 a month more than the $3.50/month typical plan.

Contact me at Greg Porter