This Angel's Name
          This Angel's Name

Twenty years have passed away,
Since first we walked as one.
Many seasons come and gone...,
And now our house is a home.

Pictures on our walls confirm
Five children now are ours.
And in our homelife they have learned
That love is their Mother's power.

The love to risk a brush with death
When each came through the veil,
The love to bear a Mother's pain
When five more didn't fare as well.

That love that offers wise advice,
That keeps clothes washed and hung,
That gives each girl a birthday dress
And offers prayers for an only son

This angel's name is Lisa, 
The heavens record the same,
Keeping count of all the love she gives,
To a family who loves her name.

This angel's name is Lisa,
But her love earns yet another,
The name that's cherished by our five,
The sacred name of Mother.

by Greg Porter
For my sweetheart on Mother's Day 2002

Greg & Lisa Porter Family