Misc Scuba Stuff

- DOT Exemption for Posse Trailer 4500 psi tanks
- Single 95 rig August 2001
- Greg at Lake Pleasant, March 2002: Diving and Filling tanks
    Films (there's more where I got them from)
        Gas switch to stage bottle (9.3 megs)
        Frog kick demonstrated (304kb)
        OOA donation of long hose (844kb)
    DIR article from Asiandiver magazine
- Al Wells pics he sent me on his SkyeCliffe dive with the Rodriguez crew, 2001
        Al just off the wreck using George Morris' 80's
        Al at deco
        Al (with Morris' tanks) and Rodriguez pulling the hook below
        Al on the Hydro Atlantic 
- Mikey Rodriguez
- Simon Richards' spring straps page
- Weezle Drysuit underwear description and order form.
- Miscellaneous
    Great White and chopper rescue